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Helping & Healing Our Community

MONDAY JUNE 14, 2021 Everyone is welcome!

The Crossroads Center and CHANGE Court:​

On July 16th, 2018, Senator Rob Portman, Judge Heather Russell, CHANGE Court support staff, CH

Good News.....​

*The Crossroads Center was the leading community agency for the fourth straight quarter in two

Saying Hello​

The Crossroads Center Board of Trustees is currently in the search process for her replacement

Saying Farewell​

“The Crossroads Center, one of Cincinnati’s leading agencies for the treatment of addictions a

NAMI Walks 2019 Team Crossroads:

Total donations: $655.00 Total number of donations: 18 Employee donors: Margaret Rehman,

The Results Are In​

PosHamilton County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board has released their quarterly qual

Jamahal C. Boyd, Sr. Chief Executive Officer – The Crossroads Center

Jamahal C. Boyd, Sr. joins The Crossroads Center as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He is

Record High Client Satisfaction Survey Results:

We just received our FY 19 4th quarter (April – June 2019) client satisfaction scores, and we

The Crossroads Center Beautification Project Phase 1

The Crossroads Center partners with Carl Satterwhite and The RCF Group to redesign a workspace

FLU Campaign

In effort to keep our team members, clients, patients and community healthy and safe, The Cros

Interview With the New CEO!

To culminate Week 9 of my journey as CEO of The Crossroads Center, this happened today! To GOD