Once a quarter we recognize the clients of our Adult Residential Care (ARC) and Chaney Allen (Women's) Residential Programs that have completed the work required to become graduates of The Crossroads Center.  On December 10, 2019 we recognized 12 graduates.  

The client participant graduation celebration consisted of readings from our graduates and current residents, selections from our Recovery Choir, a time of reflection and story telling and an inspiring message from our Chief Executive Officer, Jamahal C. Boyd, Sr. Graduates received a certificate of completion and served as an encouragement for our current residents who are on their journey to become graduates themselves.

One of the most powerful and moving parts of the graduation celebration is when graduates and current residents share their stories of healing, hope, and wholeness. Here is a powerful excerpt from a reading one of our graduates permitted us to share:

"Abusing heroin will beat you down to a beastly level. It is arguably the lowest form of humanity, literally walking dead, absent a soul, degrading any moral compass one might have. There is no doubt in my mind that I am here today for reasons, my purpose is a gift from my Heavenly Father, my creator gets ALL the GLORY. I had to endure so much. I know today it was and will always be the polish to my testimony. I am living breathing glory to my all-merciful, all-gracious, forever-forgiving, first and last Father. Ms.George I am so much more than I have ever been. Up is the only direction I have. There is and will be bumps and bruises along the way of course. I welcome them today, cause what doesn't kill me makes me stronger. Today I open my eyes and thank my God for everything the day will bring because I know it belongs to me. Today I praise my Heavenly Father for the good the bad and the ugly. Today I speak my existence into reality I say out loud NEVER STAGNANT NEVER AGAIN. The words "I am" are very important words they will be your elevation or they will be your detriment. Your choices will dictate your outcome. Today my choice is to get busy living or get busy dying, for me there is no in the middle, there is no more getting cool, there is no more partying, for me one more means death. I will leave you all with this, my last time using was horrifying, it was all miserable, it was desperation, it was self-mutilation, it was all evil, so far from God, so far from blessed, so far from loved, so far from home, so far gone, so close to death. Today my choice is very simple live or die. Change I must or die I will...."

It is such a privilege for The Crossroads Center to partner on this journey with these amazing women and men who have worked so hard to turn their lives around.  Graduation is one of those special moments when you get to see that what we do matters!

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