The Crossroads Center’s Medication Assisted Treatment Program (MAP) has been providing over 500 clients every day with needed critical services for their addiction to opioids.    As of February 3, 2020, our MAP Clinic will increase the hours of service to include 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm weekdays.  This expansion will make The Crossroads Center the first addiction Methadone dosing agency in the region with afternoon and evening hours.  This will create increased convenience for many of our current clients, but allow us to serve new clients who have not been able to access our services.  Our clients have expressed an interest in afternoon dosing hours due to their work and family schedules. One client said, “I work third shift so this will be great, as I can dose before I go to work.”

MAP dosing hours starting February 3 will be:

Monday 6am-12pm 3pm-6pm

Tuesday 6am-12pm 3pm-6pm

Wednesday 6am-12pm 3pm-6pm

Thursday 6am-11:45am 3pm-6pm

Friday 6am-12pm 3pm-6pm

Saturday 6am-10am

Sunday Closed


The Medication Assisted Program’s (MAP) philosophy and objectives are to provide respectful, humane, state of the art clinical and holistic care for all of its clients. By achieving remission of addiction, the client can then focus on relearning healthy and sober coping behaviors in an effort to improve their lifestyle and once again become an integral part of their family and community. What sets MAP apart from other treatment programs is the care it provides for all of its clients, as well as other services usually not seen with this type of program. MAP, for example, provides onsite psychiatric care for many of its clients. Along with local OB-GYN clinics, it follows pregnant clients, markedly improving the health of the baby and mother. As an integral part of the broad scope of Crossroads Center programs, MAP is able to provide the level of care needed for all phases of recovery.

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