During our All Team Training on January 15, 2020, The Crossroads Center fulfilled one of its commitments to providing training to our Team Members and the community.  Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Roberto Soria, led training on Narcan® administration.  As an agency on the front lines of combating the opioid crisis, it is critical that we educate and equip our Team Members and community with the tools to handle the impact that it is having.  We expect that this training will equip us to save even more lives.  Each Team and community member was issued two nasal Narcan® sprays after they were thoroughly trained on how to identify an overdose and administer Narcan® when appropriate.  Guests from the community included members from Urban Minority Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Outreach Program (UMADOAP), Cincinnati Children's Medical Center and Central Clinic Behavioral Health.  The Crossroads Center CEO, Jamahal C. Boyd, Sr. said, “This is the first of many internal/external training opportunities to equip everyone with the tools to address the immediate needs of those seeking help during a crisis.”​

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