Good Day all.  The Crossroads Center would like to extend its love, thoughts, and prayers to the families, loved ones, communities and victims of the all too frequent, recent tragedies that have plagued our country.  In addition, we pray for the perpetrators of such heinous acts.

With the recent Mass shootings, increase of senseless crimes, unaddressed mental/behavioral health challenges within our communities and missed opportunities to provide proactive outreach and prevention services, The Crossroads Center and other partnering provider Agencies has great work yet to be done.  As we mourn the losses of lives, we pray for the work and efforts of the Agencies that are available to aid in the healing of those communities impacted.  

In the aftermath of such life - changing and world impacting events, The Crossroads Center continues to serve and partner, both locally and abroad, as it is appropriate to provide EXCELLENT care, treatment and services in support as we serve in Helping People Turn Their Lives Around.

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