Client Stories

Marty came to The Crossroads Center for help through our Medication Assisted Treatment Program (MAP) He was addicted to heroin and very depressed. He could no longer afford Methadone at another clinic. We were able to speedily admit him to the program in mid-October of 2018.Since then he has successfully completed treatment. He continues to get his daily medication and sees his counselor twice a month. He has not had a relapse since entering treatment. He now has joy in his life. Every day he writes a list of things he’s grateful for, and is very happy he came to Crossroads. “ I came transferred here from another program with a year sobriety ,however ,coming here taught me how to relax and enjoy my life. I learned a lot about me . I met people who had some of the same issues that I was dealing with. I am still sober today.”- Marty L.

Marty L.

Rick started drinking in 1992, but didn’t think he had a problem for years even thought his family was not happy when he drank. In 2001 he had a DUI, and suffered a broken neck. He recovered after being told he would never walk again; however Rick continued to drink. The court system referred Rick to The Crossroads Center in late September 2018 for a charge of Operating a Vehicle (while) Impaired (OVI).Rick thought that coming to Crossroads would simply fulfill his commitment to the courts, and let him continue on his way. However, along the way he stopped drinking, and now he has closer and happier relationships with his wife, his sons and grandchildren, as well as with God. He is grateful to Crossroads, and he continues to write a daily gratitude list.“ This program has changed my life. My relations with my wife and my sons have changed for the better.. We spend quality time together and I no longer come home smelling like alcohol. I enjoy my life now. I love my sober life “.- Rick B.

Rick B.

‍"My sobriety date is Feb. 10th 2015. I wouldn’t have gotten this far without the doctors and counselors at Crossroads. When I walked in the doors of Crossroads everything I owned fit in a Kroger’s bag. I was hopeless and defeated. I wanted to leave my first night there, but my talk with Ms. Shaw encouraged me to stay. She got me a voucher for clothing and shoes. She also gave me the strength to call my mom, who I hadn’t spoken with for a year. My mom has since been my number one supporter. The groups I went to during my stay at Crossroads taught me how to forgive and love myself. They gave me the tools I needed to live in the world without using drugs. My life is by no means perfect, but I can feel my emotions and feelings with using. I’m a 51 yr. old grandmother who can ow enjoy her grandchildren. Life is good. Thank you Crossroads. "-Christine W.

Christine W.

‍“ Crossroads has made me a better person. I have learned how to have relationships and have created a strong support system. My Mom teases me by asking what did you do with my son? I thank God for chance to have a better life. No more waking up wondering where my next drink will come from.” The staff was kind and took great care with me.”-Kenneth F.

Kenneth F.

‍“ I… would like to say express my gratitude by saying that I completed Chaney Allen’s program for sixty-three days as a resident and also sixty-three days as an outpatient client. ….while exiting the program, I was homeless and was blessed to reside at the Kemper House until I obtained housing after fifty-nine days. During this time I participated in therapy which in fact greatly helped me focus upon my recovery journey. I would like to say kudos to each & everyone that has extended a helping hand to the present upon a successful recovery journey as I attend two or three meetings daily and receiving my one year medallion April 17th, 2019. In conclusion I am holding 380 days clean as of today. e.”-Michelle F.

Michelle F.

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The Crossroads Center is a full service non-profit behavioral healthcare agency.

Since 1951, The Crossroads Center has been assuring access, safety and quality to our clients.  Addiction and mental illnesses are diseases affecting people from all cultures, backgrounds and ages.  We welcome clients from all walks of life and are committed to providing an individualized road to recovery for all.

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